Lollipop Lolitas - Luccia Lignan
July - August 2008

Luccia Lignan 

Luccia Lignan, La Mulâtresse, 2007. Acrylic on Canvas, 100 x 81 cm. Courtesy of Luccia Lignan.

The nude is an art, an expressive form, a cry of freedom, a call to beauty. The nudes of Luccia Lignan talk to us about sensuality. Her women are sensitive and relaxed. They are grateful to be alive, and they demonstrate this gratitude in their body language. Despite being very conscious of their charms—their voluptuous and sensual bodies and their gazes directed unabashedly at the viewer—they nonetheless evince an air of innocence. They demonstrate the ideal “eternal woman with classical echoes, but under the modern vision of 21st century eroticism.”

Whether they appear as individual figures or in more complex compositions, Lignan’s nudes participate in theatrical scenes. Structuring the shapes abundant in her compositions with rich color modeling before undertaking any work, she thinks instinctively for days and weeks, establishing personal rules for how to proceed. Her sense of order, balance, and audacity ensure proper orchestration of the compositional elements, and sweeten her canvases with flowing colors of great expressivity. Her paintings transmit strength and eroticism. Her splendid abstractions depict a universe governed by textures and harmonic colors, stimulating in the viewer with a fountain of pure pleasure.